Monday, May 8, 2017

Joanne's Household Skincare Tips

Joanne's Household Skincare Tips

Add 1 teaspoon and enough water (few drops) to make a fine paste

Cleanse area 1st and apply to age spots

Gently massage area in circular motion for 2-3 minutes

Leave on for another few minutes to dry completely

Rinse, dry and apply moisturizer

Continue use 2–3 times a week

Baking Soda Benefits for the Skin

- Excellent, yet gentle exfoliating properties

- Effectively encourages the growth of collagen

- Maintains the balance of the pH levels which prevents bacterial growth

- Contains skin bleaching properties that lighten up age spots naturally

NOTE: I don’t recommend lemon juice for the following reasons:

· Lemon juice is highly acidic at 2 pH and can cause damage to the skins surface

· Can cause extreme dryness, skin irritation, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity to the sun


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