Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Things To Get You Through Summer

Warmer temperatures are FINALLY upon us! Now that we can ditch the snow boots for sandals, it's time to take a look at your skin care arsenal for this upcoming summer. I  have carefully used and reviewed three key products that are a must have for your warm summer days that turn into long summer nights! 

1.) Sunscreen. This may be a bit redundant and annoying but...LATHER UP! Skin cancer still affects millions in this country-don't become another statistic! BNO's Organic sunscreen uses 100& nano-free  Zinc Oxide (this protects your skin against those harmful UV rays.) With ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shea Butter, this sunscreen won't leave your skin feeling greasy and slimy. Not to mention, it won't clog your pores and make you break out (something almost every sunscreen does to my face.) 

2.) Aloe Leaf Lotion- After those long days in the sun, you skin will be thirsty and dry. Don't forget to lather up with lotion after a day on the beach! The combination of Grapeseed oil and distilled water make this a truly awesome lotion for all skin types. There is nothing worse then putting on lotion in the summer and starting to sweat...only realizing the lotion won't let your skin breathe. This lotion does the opposite-it lubricates your skin while letting it breathe..truly amazing! 

3.) Shimmer Oil- So after a long day at the beach or laying poolside, nothing feels better then showing off your healthy obtained tan. Whether you are out for dinner or hitting the club, this Illuminating Dry Oil is a MUST HAVE. I like to put it on my chest and arms-just to give a little extra glow and shimmer. The art of cold pressing macadamia nuts, raspberry seeds and almonds make this nourishing, sheer tint that is irresistible. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite BNO products! 

So there you have it-your list of 'must haves' to survive this summer. Now get out there and enjoy the sun! (With protection, of course.) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Danger Lurking In Your Lotion

Think over the counter lotions are really there to help moisturize & protect your skin? Think again! When put to the test, four commonly used moisturizers failed miserably. 

(WebMD)  Four commonly used moisturizers promoted skin cancers in mouse studies. The moisturizers tested in the study were EucerinDermabaseDermovan and Vanicream.
"In a mouse model of sun-related skin cancer, frequent application of each product resulted in more skin tumors and faster tumor growth," says study leader Allan H. Conney, PhD, director of the Susan Lehman Cullman Laboratory for Cancer Research and professor in the school of pharmacy at Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.J.

"This was unexpected. We really did not expect to see the tumor-promoting activity of these creams," Conney tells WebMD.

For these new animal studies, the researchers used hairless mice irradiated with ultraviolet light twice a week for 20 weeks. With no further irradiation, such mice eventually develop skin cancer -- very much like humans overexposed to sunlight early in life.

Five days a week, for 17 weeks, the researchers rubbed moisturizer into the animals' skin. The result:
  • Dermabase increased the total number of tumors by 69%.
  • Dermovan increased the total number of tumors by 95%.
  • Eucerin increased the total number of tumors by 24%.
  • Vanicream increased the total number of tumors by 58%.
The two ingredients linked to skin irritation (sodium lauryl sulfate) and tumor promotion (mineral oil).

While we also don't condone animal testing, without this knowledge, thousands of people would still be harming their delicate skin with these harsh chemicals. Just because something smells nice and has good advertising, DOESN'T mean its safe! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is Sunscreen REALLY That Important??

Research Suggests daily sunscreen use can reduce signs of aging by 24 percent
Article: by Simon Pitman from

A team of international scientists have released research results that is said to prove that using sunscreen regularly can reduce the signs of skin aging significantly.
The research, which was funded by the National Health and Medical research Council of Australia, focused on a group of 903 randomly chosen adults that were all aged under 55.
The purpose of the study was to determine to what extent regular use of sunscreen slowed skin aging measured by degree of photoaging, compared with discretionary use of sunscreen in combination with β-carotene antioxidant supplements and a placebo
The study was assigned to 4 groups: daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen and 30mg of β-carotene, daily use of sunscreen and placebo, discretionary use of sunscreen and 30mg of β-carotene, and discretionary use of sunscreen and placebo.
The groups that used sunscreen daily were asked to apply SPF 15+ to their head, neck, arms and hands each morning and after bathing, as well as during sun exposure and after heavy sweating.
The assessments were made over a four and a half year period using microscopic impressions of the subject’s hands to determine how much damage was visible.
The images showed that the group using sunscreen on a daily basis showed no detectable signs of skin aging, while skin aging from the baseline to the end of the trail was 24 percent less in the daily sunscreen group, compared to the discretionary group.

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