Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Awakening

Spring. It's finally here. Where you live however, it may feel more like December but according to the calender, spring has officially arrived! So let's take some time to revisit our recent past; whether it be regarding your New Years resolutions or goals you had set for yourself this year. We are now four months into the year of 2013. We all started this year with new goals, new ideas and new prospects. We all started at the same place. Our 2013 all started at the same time. So here's a question: are you where you wanted to be? When you made your resolution, or promise to yourself, are you still honoring that? Have you already achieved it? It seems like the momentum slowly fades away after the holidays. Right after January 1st, the gyms and local yoga studios are jam packed with people trying to shed the extra weight for the fast approaching swim season. Come April however, it is the regular gym rats and yogi's that are still going strong. So the question remains: are you one of them?

Spring cleaning can mean so much more then cleaning your closet, car or garden. It can mean de-cluttering your mind and sprit as well. We can all agree that we feel lighter and freer when we clean out a messy drawer or donate unwanted clothes to charity. Something else feels a little lighter too-your soul and guiding inner light. As Americans, we are constantly on the go. Kids, careers, school, activities, hobbies and family all  keep our minds and bodies going at a constant speed of 120mph. So slow it down for a second. Remember your resolution or self promise and get back on track. Spring clean your mind. Take a yoga class. Paint a picture. Try eating vegan for a day. Do something that gets you back to you and in touch with the most important person in your life: you. At the end of the day, all you have is this body and this mind. So why not make it as sharp, aware and clean as you can? Spring clean your mind and the rest will follow. It can be as simple as meditating for ten minutes in the morning before the chaos begins. Just make it yours. Be selfish. Be your own advocate. Most importantly, honor the promise you made to yourself back when the winds were cold and the snow covered the earth. Reawaken your spirit like the earth reawakens every spring. Be bright, full of life and full of new hope. Happy spring!