Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall For A New Look

Seasonal foods aren't just for eating! Amp up your fall glow with a few of our favorite pumpkin, pomegranate, and other autumn-inspired ingredients. These rich, moisturizing formulas are the perfect defense against cool, dry November air. First, let's start with the face. Makeup is the quickest way to spice up your look this season. Therefore, it's time to restock your cosmetic bag, and we know just the products you'll need. Try different eyeshadows this season. Match up your eye color with a shadow that will enhance your color. For example, if you want you baby blues to pop try a terracotta eyeliner and light brown shadow. If you want to wow em' with your brown beauties, try purple shadow. Deep purples really enhance the brown tones in your eyes. No matter your eye color, with the right shadow shade it will surely pop! Reminder-make sure your mascara isn't more than six months old. Nasty little critters like to make their home on your lushes lashes. With a new season should come a new scent. So splurge on a scent you've been eyeing (or rather, smelling) at the mall. A little fall spice would be a nice transition from your late summer floral scent. Finally, don't forget your digits! We mean your finger nails! Who doesn't love bright pinks and corals? For fall, we've found a few options that will be more weather fitting. From jewel toned purple to brilliant teal, we're sure you will find something that will suit your style! So just because the temperature is cooling down doesn't mean your style has to. Have a little "me time" and treat yourself-you deserve it!