Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why chemical free skin care?

Research has shown the damage done to our bodies by excessive amounts of harmful toxins. The average consumer absorbs over 4.6 pounds of toxins into their bodies through personal care products alone. Many of these toxins are harmful to our bodies, accumulate in our organs and lower our resistance to fight disease.

The reason major companies use parabens, ureas, and a multitude of other harmful toxins to preserve products is due to the extended shelf life they provide. These products can sit in a hot warehouse for years without worrying about bacterial growth.

Diazolidinyl Urea and Imidazolidinyl Urea are commonly used to preserve skin care products. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has rated these chemicals in their highest toxic class and labeled them “known human carcinogens”, yet the FDA allows skin care manufactures to continue to use these chemicals as well as many other toxins. Europe has banned these urea’s from being used in skin care products.

Many European manufacturers actually have two different skin care formulations – one filled with harmful synthetic toxins for the US and the other with more expensive healthier alternatives for the European consumers.

The American Medical Academy (AMA) is now recognizing the term "Chemical Body Burden" which describes an individual’s chemical oad in their system. A major contributing factor in a person’s chemical build up is from personal care products.

Documentation show babies already having a chemical body burden at birth. Harmful toxins are accumulating in our organs and causing damage. Recently, parabens (an extremely common toxin used to preserve skin care products) have been found in breast tumors. The most dangerous of all parabens in skin care is methyl paraben.

There have been tremendous advancements in the organic and natural skin care industry. Chemists today have the ability to harness the actives in plant extracts, essential oils and other natural materials to preserve products without having to rely on dangerous synthetic toxins.

Be Natural Organics collaborates with chemists who share a passion for healthy skin care and the commitment to be a driving force in the removal of harmful toxins commonly used in skin care products.

There is so much deception in the skin care industry. Companies will tout organic ingredients while they continue to use harmful toxins to preserve them.

The only downside to buying fresh organic skin care is the 12 to 18 month shelf life along with keeping the products away from extreme heat and direct sunlight. That's a small price to pay to protecting ones body.

The natural and organic skin care industry is growing at a rapid clip of over 20% while the rest of the personal growth industry is lagging at only 3%. This reflects the desire consumers have in making healthier choices for their bodies.

Don’t be influenced by the hype of advertising, learn how to read the labels and know what to look for. It really is the responsibility of each individual to be an informed consumer. Many of the major skin care manufacturers with the largest advertising campaigns, use the smallest amount of beneficial actives and the highest amounts of toxic preservatives.

Research has shown that many of the toxins commonly used to preserve a product actually do damage to the cellular structure of the skin. In other words, you may be spending a lot of money on anti-aging products, only to be causing more damage than good to your skin.

To help consumers make educated choices, Be Natural Organics provides a free wallet size guide with a list of the most common harmful toxins to avoid when shopping for personal care items.

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