Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Zap A Zit

Zits and pimples. We all had them at one point in our lives. They may even still be popping up when you're past your prime. Either way, it's time you learned how to get rid of them the right way so that you're not left with scars or spots, which are worse than acne itself. Even if you've finally cleared the field, pass along these tips and tricks to those who may still need it!

1. Take a needle that's been disinfected with rubbing alcohol and gently prick the pimple.
2. Take some tissue and wrap your index fingers around them.
3. Confidently but carefully push down and in. The zit will pop on its own if it's ready. Make sure to stop when or if blood or clear liquid comes out.
4. Walk away from the mirror!

Always wash your hands before you go in for the kill, figuratively speaking. Afterward, wipe the area with antiseptic solution. Exfoliating twice a week will help with getting rid of excess oils and dirt that clog your pores.

Try this:

AHA Facial Wash