Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Anti-Aging Collection

Customers love our Anti-Aging Collection.
{and so do we!}
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Natural Organics On c.marchuska!

Read Joanne's full interview with c.marchuska here!

c.marchuska makes chic and sustainable clothing for the style and eco-savvy, and shares our passion for staying green.

CMar: What are your views on sustainability?

Joanne: I have a strong commitment to buying sustainable ingredients. Every sustainable ingredient used in a personal care product ensures safer products that reduce the damage to our water, soil and air.

CMar: What are your favorite items from your line?

Joanne: My Anti-aging Collection is my all time favorite because these were the first products I formulated with pure, organic aloe vera juice as a base (instead of commonly used water). I use pure aspen bark extract as a preservation system in these products. It is outrageously expensive but well worth it, due to its ability to stimulate cellular activity and enhance anti-aging results. These products are truly state of the art and you really see a difference within weeks. Repeat sales have been amazing.