Monday, June 14, 2010

Makeup Removal

Whether it's been a long day or a fun night the one thing you must always remember to do for radiant skin is wash your face before hitting the sack! Our Rose Hip Seed Facial Cleanser and Eye Makeup Removal is made up of seaweed and rose hip seed, a foaming cleanser that is gentle yet powerful.

Changing your sheets and pillowcase about once a week will also provide an added bonus. Think of all the oil, dirt, and bacteria that accumulates and manifests on your skin for 8 hours at a time! Don't let your clean face go to waste each time you go to sleep.

If you're a snoozer and a bit too tired to bother with washing your face every day there are plenty of quick tricks you can use instead. Try keeping a pack of makeup removing sheets by your bed which you can use even if you're half asleep. Just wetting a small towel and moving it in gentle, small circles will help, as well as moisturizing your face and just tissuing it off.

Try this:

Foaming Rose Hip Seed Facial Cleanser

Deep Cleansing Oil Treatment and Eye Makeup Remover