Monday, May 8, 2017

Sophie Says Chuck Products Containing Fragrance

Sophie Says Chuck Products Containing Fragrance
Sophie's Fragrance-Free Challenge
Sophie's Essential Oils Challenge

How to avoid the MOST UNHEALTHY ingredient, according to Gorgeously Green Beauty Personality Sophie Uliano

Sophie Says: Go through ALL of the products you use daily on your body.

If you see “Fragrance/Parfum,” chuck it. Just give it the boot. And treat yourself to a healthy, lovely, natural replacement."

While researching pros & cons of top natural deodorants on EWG's SkinDeep Database, Sophie noticed one fact stood out: Scented products are DRAMATICALLY more toxic.

Synthetic scents (often listed as “Fragrance/Parfum”) contain an ungodly amount of chemicals.

She says a product with this ingredient is far, far, FAR more likely to be harmful than one that doesn’t.

"But, what's a girl to do who loves a gorgeous scent?" She adds, saying "I hate "unscented" or "fragrance-free" because I appreciate lovely smells!

This is why I use essential oils almost every day of my life. They not only give me my fragrance fix, but they have therapeutic benefits too!"

When it comes to skincare, choose a natural, healthy skin care line – free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and harmful preservatives.

Be Natural Organics is your choice – loaded with essential oils which nurture and heal your skin.


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