Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scent of Summer

We all know that smell...its the scent of summer. It usually consists of chlorine, fresh cut grass and sunscreen. But there may be things lurking in your drug store sunscreen that aren’t so nice. Aside from parabens, which we all know are bad  because they are chemicals that harm your body; there are little teeny tiny particles called Nano-particles. Nano-particles are one-twentieth the thickness of a human hair. They are most commonly found in over the counter sunscreen products that contain zinc oxide. Some researches say that the presence of nano-particles when mixed with water and UV rays can generate free radicals. Since some skin cancers are linked to damage done to the skin by free radicals, this is a major cause for concern. Free radical formation is also the primary cause for aging. Although research on this topic is still in the early stages, it’s enough for us to believe that something more should be done to protect our skin from harsh UV rays.

We have created a sunscreen that is non-nano. This means that none of the particles in our sunscreen enter the blood stream, unlike a sunscreen that has nano-particles. The air you breathe when spraying sunscreens that contain nano-particles becomes unsafe; damaging sensitive lung tissue and destroying cells. Luckily, our sunscreen allows you to breathe in and out without the fear of inhaling toxins. So even though it may take a few summers to detox from the traditional “scent of summer,” the health benefits of using non-nano sunscreen will prevail.  

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