Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beauty Blogger Amanda Reviews BNO Samples

Beauty Blogger Amanda, of Sparkles and Spit Up, Reviews BNO Samples: "I'd like to introduce you to one of the most unassuming organic skincare brands on the market: Be Natural Organics. At first glimpse it's a simple, natural line.

Created much like many others, Be Natural has a true concern for the direction of the industry and wanting to provide alternatives to consumers, yet they don't beat you over the head with packaging or branding, or even their site and here's why - their formulas are spot on and speak for themselves.
All of their items are available in sample size, so for under $10 you can get 2-3 products that will change the life of your skin." 1. Mother of Pearl Facial Scrub "I promise you, I've used a thousand exfoliators and this one leaves your skin incredibly clear, smooth, fresh and flawless. Upon rinsing your skin is not stripped, but infused with botanicals that nurture your skin - you'll feel it." 2. Rose Hip Seed Facial Cleanser "Another great item from the line, fresh - easy and great for taking the day's makeup off." 3. Bio-Recovery Evening Repair "As if the results of the scrub could get any better, if you follow with this rich botanical oil you will wake up with the softest skin of your LIFE!" #BeNaturalOrganics  
Review and images courtesy: @abeautifulpursuit