Friday, October 12, 2012

Customer Question "How Do I get rid of adult acne?"

Acne at any age can be embarrassing as well as troublesome. No one likes to go out in public with one facial blemish, let alone a lingering acne flare-up that just won't seem to go away. You've tried washing, exfoliating, moisturizing and creams. Over the counter products don't work and as much appeal as shelling out a small fortune on "as seen on tv" acne products...those teenagers on the ad's don't instill much confidence. After you've determined your unique skin type, it's time to begin the skin care treatment to get rid of that lingering acne once and for all. We have several products that you can try to hopefully balance out your breakouts. Try our AHA facial wash. It contains 10% glycolic acid to aid in fighting off those blemishes.
After you're left with a clean and refreshing feeling, give your skin a break. Try to not use harsh makeup or lotions containing many scents and perfumes. Many times, the products we use on an everyday basis are the culprit of our skin care woes. If you use makeup, try to use mineral base brands and don't clog up those freshly open pores. Keep it away from your T-zone and watch the clear up begin! After your skin has started to clear up, you could try a gentle exfoliating technique to get rid of those dead skin cells and really open your pores up. Often times, clogged pores cause blemishes and a quick and simple exfoliation routine could clear up days of worry! Your skin should be feeling pretty great right about now; and it is the perfect time to balance those pH levels. Balanced skin can protect your moisture levels and helps block oxidation. It is often an important step that is overlooked in a healthcare skin routine.
Hopefully with these tips and these basic starting products, you can begin to get some relief from those blemishes. No one should have to live with preventable acne!