Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do you prepare for fall changes?

It happens every year; summer winds down and the cool weather slowly makes its way in. As hard as it can be to pack away those shorts and summer dresses, it feels good to drag out the sweaters and the jeans. Don't forget though, just because your jeans and sweaters cover your skin doesn't mean that you can take a break on your skin care regimen. Proper care can mean the difference between healthy skin and dry flaky skin. Make sure you really analyze you skin type. Many people buy the wrong products for their faces. Remember, the skin on your face is different then anywhere else on your body. As the weather changes, so will your skin. Oily skin may become a bit more balanced and balanced skin could become more dry. Take note of your skin changes and adapt with it-don't fight it! Try gently washing your face with a neutral cleanser; such as our Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. This rose hip seed facial cleanser is the perfect combination of gentle and powerful; treating your face to the much needed scrub it deserves. It is for ALL skin types and does wonders for your skin and your soul!