Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Can I Figure Out My Skin Type?

For many people, the answer is very obvious. However, for others the answer is not as clear. There are many skin types as well as combinations and each one deserves it's own treatment and regimen. If you are unsure as to what skin type is your own, try this quick at home trick. Wash your face with a cleanser designed for normal skin; rinse well and pat dry with a soft towel. Within an hour, you skin will be ready to evaluate. How does it feel? If your face feels tight, ashy and flaky then you are the proud owner of dry complexion. If your face is only oily across your forehead, down your nose and across your chin, you have combination skin. If at the end of the hour you need to blot your entire face with a tissue then you have oily skin. If you skin feels itchy or slightly irritated, you may have sensitive skin. Luckily, we have products that are suitable for all skin types. Make sure you know your skin type before you try our products. You skin on your face is different then anywhere else on your body and needs to be treated specially. So grab a wash cloth and figure out what product line is best for your beautiful face!